9 Best Garage Door Color for Red Brick House

Garage Door Colors for Red Brick House

You’ve got yourself a red brick house, but you aren’t quite sure what the color of the garage doors should be. What color do you pick? Believe it or not, spinning around in a circle and picking a color doesn’t exactly work well. Different shades of red can compliment specific colors.

You’d be surprised at the colors you have to choose from such as dark blue and olive green, even black. However, the house itself also needs to provide the right environment, especially on the more exotic choices of colors. Let’s take a look at nine of the sleekest combinations.

9.) Dark Grey Looks Good

Dark Grey
(Image credit: houzz.com, ProLift via Pinterest)

Since red brick homes come in various shades of red, one of the hardest colors to match is dark red brick. If you go too dark, it might pull someone’s attention away from your home or worse, blend in almost completely. However, as you can see in the image above, these homeowners in Nashville, TN managed to pull off a beautiful in-between.

Instead of going completely dark, they went with a lovely dark grey. It’s just bright enough to compliment the surrounding dark red brick, but not too dark that it’s completely hidden. There’s a nice touch with the old timey lamps as well and the pedestrian door painted the same color.

8.) Bring Some Class with Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors
(Image credit: chiohd.com via Pinterest)

There is something absolutely stunning and regal about a set of dark wooden garage doors. Not only does it go well with red bricks, it can add some serious class to the look of your home—especially if the outside trimming of your windows matches the garage door color. Wooden garage doors do an excellent job of breaking up the sameness of the surrounding bricks and even add a splash of color.

The trick to picking the right color wood depends entirely on the shade of your house. Is your home made of darker bricks? Go with a lighter shade of wood. Is your home built of brighter red bricks? Then go with wood that has dark undertones.

7.) There’s Nothing Wrong with Basic White

(Image credit: ths.gardenweb.com via Pinterest)

There’s a reason a basic, white garage door is always a good option: it matches just about anything. Since red brick can come in varying shades of red, the more exotic it gets, the harder it is to find a complementary color—especially when you’ve got brickwork that’s reddish-pink. And that’s where a white garage door comes in handy.

White garage doors blend incredibly well with any color of brick. It also helps that trimming along the roof tends to be a white color, like in the image above, which does well at blending in the garage door. Another benefit, if there weren’t enough, is how white garage doors don’t take away from the rest of the home. If you don’t want someone to focus on the garage door, but the house instead, paint it white.

6.) Go Bold with Blue

(Image credit: pinterest.com via Pinterest)

You want something bold? Go with dark blue garage doors. However, you need the surrounding environment to really pull it off.

As you can see in the image above, this home surrounded their home with vegetation. It’s almost as if it’s concealed. Their bright, reddish-pink brickwork really contrasts with the dark blue of the garage doors. These are garage doors the homeowner’s want you to focus on.

5.) Black Wooden Carriage Doors Looks Gorgeous

Black Wooden Carriage Doors
(Image credit: theskunkpot.com via Pinterest)

Carriage doors are already really hard to pull off, especially if your home is located in wide open space without any real vegetation nearby. However, they look exceptionally good on quirky homes, ones that have a lot of character such as strange accents and old timey lawn decorations. It’s even harder to pull off carriage doors that are then colored black.

4.) Green Wooden Garage Doors

Green Wooden Garage Doors
(Image credit: mariakillam.com via Pinterest)

Sure, the house in image isn’t brick, but the siding is a particular shade you’d find among brick homes. It’s the perfect candidate for imagining the same dark green garage doors on a beautifully constructed brick house. But the key is to not go overboard.

To really pull off exotic colors such as dark green, your house needs to accommodate it. For example, the outside trimming on your windows should also be the same green. This helps blend the garage door into the fold rather than have it stick out like a sore thumb (and make it ugly). The roof itself can’t be too strange either. Don’t blend blue with green.

3.) Grey Wooden Carriage Doors

Grey Wooden Carriage Doors
(Image credit: garage.invitationorb.com, Hogan Kelly via Pinterest)

Again, not a red brick house and we’re back at grey again, but this time around we’ve got grey wooden carriage doors. They’re so simple with only minor textures to the sections. This is a home you can almost imagine nestled on a street corner.

Grey already goes great with red brick. But remember: the darker the brick, the lighter the grey. It helps prevent the grey from blending in with the surrounding dark red bricks.

2.) A Solid Black Garage Door

A Solid Black Garage Door
(Image credit: pinterest.com via Pinterest)

And now we’ve finally moved to solid black garage doors. Arguably, one of the hardest colors to pull off. What helps accomplish this choice is the home itself. If you went with black garage doors on a simple home, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Look at the image. Notice all the accents the home has? There’s a few small outside lamps, stone lining the lower half of the house, and accents and trimming that make the exterior pop. That home was begging for bold, black garage doors. And they nailed it.

1.) Olive Green Garage Doors

Olive Green Garage Doors
(Image credit: Blazzing House, sheknows.com via Pinterest)

Yet again a brick house with green garage doors, but not just any green: olive green. If you thought green was hard to pull off, try olive green. However, this home really carries the color by adding the same olive green to their window trimming, around the doors, even the siding on the second floor.

These homeowners clearly wanted the garage doors to blend in with the rest of the home; otherwise, their garage door would have been white. The idea was to see the house as a whole and not the sum of all parts.

Bottom Line

There’s a surprisingly wide variety of colors that can compliment a red brick house, but it largely depends on the shades. Light shades can compliment darker colors, even exotic colors such as greens and blues. Darker shades of red brick can pair exquisitely with grey garage doors. However, if you want something simple that pairs well with any color brick, you can go with white garage doors.