11 Common Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes


Your Frigidaire dishwasher is a good machine, but it isn’t perfect considering it was partly built by human hands—and we all know how problematic that can be at times. To let the person know a problem is present, your Frigidaire dishwasher will throw error codes at you.

Not sure what they mean? Don’t worry! That’s what this guide is for. Clue yourself in on the various error codes, what they mean, and what you can do to solve them.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes

There’s a short list of error codes that your Frigidaire dishwasher will display depending on the problem. It’s smart enough to understand when an issue arises. After all, it’s got electrical sensors and such, which can be measured and looked after as the dishwasher does its job. If a problem rears its ugly head, the dishwasher will alert you.

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Unfortunately, the code that’s displayed is usually one or two letters. It does very little to clue you in on what the actual problem is.

Error Code: uo

When you see this error code, it means the vent is opened. You’ll have to locate the vent and make sure everything is alright—that includes both the assembly and the wiring. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, by all means call in a professional.

Error Code: uf

If you didn’t already know, the vent has a fan. When the fan doesn’t work, or the vent assembly and wiring is acting up, you’ll get error code UF. This is not an ideal problem to have considering it usually leads to a replacement fan or the wiring and assembly need to be inspected.

Error Code: Er

Pressing a button produces a particular signal. If you press a button and it produces a signal that isn’t what it’s linked to, your Frigidaire dishwasher is going to pick up on that. When that’s the case, or the keys are stuck, you get error ER. There’s either a problem with the wiring or a few keys are out of place.

Error Code: CL

Error code CL stands for “close door.” Clever, right? All you have to do is close the door properly. But what if it’s already closed? Check for any broken components or damage. The door gasket—the rubber lining around the dishwasher—is supposed to create a suction around the door to prevent water from launching out. If that’s damaged, it needs to be replaced. Using it in its condition will only cause leaks.

Thankfully, you can replace the door gasket by yourself!

Error Code: hs

Yet another error you don’t want to see on your Frigidaire dishwasher. This one could be a death sentence for your dishwasher. It refers to the hall sensor error near the motor. If the sensor goes bad, you first need to check that the wiring is connected to the motor and the main control board in a manner that isn’t dangerous such as exposed wiring or a wire ripped from its bed.

Error Code: PF

Error code PF usually refers to a power failure of some kind. The dishwasher needs to be shut down and the power cable examined. Is it connected to an extension cord or a power strip? You should connect it directly. You can always double-check by opening the dishwasher door and then closing

Error Code: rA

Generally speaking, if the rinse aid dispenser goes empty, it displays LO, but an error code rA? That’s usually a system error, specifically the rinse aid reed switch isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. You can check the sincerity of that message by first adding some rinse aid to the dispenser. If the message does not go away, the component will likely need to be replaced.

You can check the wiring between the main board and the dispenser before you consider a replacement, but that’s only if you have the technical know-how and are comfortable doing that. Naturally, you are responsible for anything that is broken in the process.

Error Code: tu

Your dishwasher can sense the quality of the water—specifically particles not seen by the naked eye—with the turbidity sensor. By using that information, the dishwasher will know when to switch between cycles. But if it fails or there’s an error somewhere, it throws up error code TU. In some cases, the wiring is pulled away from the main control board. Other times the turbidity sensor needs to be replaced.

Codes That Are Mistaken For Errors

There’s a handful of dishwasher codes that show up that you might mistake as error codes, when in fact it’s nothing more than checking this or that, like when to change the rinse aid dispenser. These can usually be cleared by performing a quick check of the door or waiting for the water to get warm.

Dishwasher Code: HO

This non-error is nothing to be concerned about. All it means is that the water inside the dishwasher hasn’t been heated to adequate temperatures yet. You don’t have to do anything but leave it alone. The dishwasher will heat up the water on its own and release it when it’s ready.

However, if your dishwasher is stuck on HO for more than a few minutes, shut the dishwasher down and start the cycle again. Run a nearby faucet on only hot to speed up the process. If it continues to display HO, then check that your heating system is working—especially if the water is heated via oil.

Dishwasher Code: LO

Yet another non-error that isn’t to be concerned over. LO means your dishwasher is getting low on rinse aid solution. Simply refill it and the non-error will go away.

Dishwasher Code: PF

While this is considered an error code, in one case, it might just be a simple flump in the system. In fact, it can pop up after your dishwasher is turned back on for the first time after a power outage. If you open the dishwasher door and close the door, and the error disappears, then you don’t have a lot to worry about. With that said, if it continues to come back, then you should be worried and a profession needs to be called.

You Need to Know This About Your Dishwasher!

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Bottom Line

If you experience any of these errors, some can be solved by hands, but the majority rely on the expertise of a profession. A regular person isn’t going to be clued in on how a dishwasher should be wired, let alone replace an important component. The most you can do is recognize the error code that’s being display, maybe fix the problem, but ultimately call in some help.