Fisher Paykel Washing Machine Error Codes

Fisher Paykel washing machine is one of the best brands of washers in the market today. However, users of this brand know how hard it is to repair and maintain it. The home version of Fisher Paykel is very reliable. They have a very high capacity, which makes them appropriate for families. Despite its great features, Fisher Paykel may break down from time to time. Do not be quick to request your local repair service; instead, examine the washer to determine whether you can fix the error on your own. In most cases, the error is a minor glitch in the washer system that can be sorted out in a few simple steps.

Fisher Paykel washer has an internal diagnostics mechanism that allows it to raise fault alarm by displaying error codes. Each problem is represented by an error code that can be interpreted differently by users. However, for these error codes to be useful to a user, you need to know what they are and understand what they mean in their different capacities. Below is the Fisher Paykel washing machine error code manual that you can use to troubleshoot and fix your washer.

Fisher Paykel Washing Machine Error Code Manual

Fisher Paykel washer error code manual comes either as tables or forms for your convenience. The manual provides meaningful information on a technical issue, possible reasons for the problem, and the different approaches you can take to correct the problem.

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Each problem and solution is articulated correctly in a step by step approach to allow even the average user to follow the fixes. Additionally, the manual guide lists error codes as displayed on washers when a technical error occurs. Each fault code has been explained adequately to allow you to understand the problem you are dealing with at any given moment.

This is a list of Fisher Paykel washing machine error codes. Please read carefully to learn different error codes and what they mean for your washer.

No Tap – Water is Not Flowing into the Washer

This sign warns you about the problem of water flow into your Fisher Paykel washing machine. When this error code pops up on your washer’s screen, inspect if the tap that directs water into your washer is turned on. At the very least, your washer should have a cold water connection to its cold valve. The washer has an inbuilt heating mechanism that heats the cold water, in case, you do not have a hot water connection into your washer. However, if you make a cold water connection in the hot water valve, your washing machine will not receive water.

Inspect the inlet hoses of the washing machine to ensure they are clean. In addition to this, ensure that the inlet hose is not kinked and that it has been fixed properly in your washer.

Ensure the drain hose’s location is neither very low nor is pushed too far into the standpipe to ensure water does not siphon out of your washer. Ensure the cold water temperature does not rise beyond 35 degrees Celsius. Additionally, you need to inspect the rate of water flow into the washing machine to ensure that it is not too low.

Out of bal – Wash Load is not Balanced Within the Washer

This error code indicates that the wash load in the machine has not balanced correctly. Press the continue button to initiate the spin again. If the problem continues, pause the washing cycle for a moment and redistribute the load manually and press the continue button. In some cases, you might need to choose spin before pressing the continue button.

Sud LOC – Too Many Suds

Sud LOC error appears on the screen of your washer when there are too many suds in your washer. Your washer will display the ‘Sud LOC’ error for up to 10 minutes as it waits for suds to disappear. The machine will be silent for the entire ten minutes. It will resume its operations immediately after 10 minutes. However, you can press the continue button within the ten minute wait period to force the washer to restart. However, it is advisable that you wait for the machine to restart on itself after 10 minutes. In addition to this, you have to ensure that you are using the right detergent in your washer, and you are only using the required amount of detergent at any given moment. Finally, ensure the height of the standpipe for your washer’s drain is not more than 1200mm.

Door Lock – Your Washer’s Door is Locked

Door Lock error code is displayed on your washer’s screen when the door of your washing machine is locked. The reason for this might be as a result of high internal temperature in the drum, more than 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult for you to open the door of your washing machine. Wait for the temperature to drop to 60 degrees Celsius or below.

Inspect the level of water in the drum of your washer. If the level of water has risen above beyond the lower door seal, the door will not open. Add or Remove garments to and from your washer by pressing the ‘Add a Garment’ button. This feature is only available to specific models of Fisher Paykel washer (View on Amazon). In case the drum of the washer is still in motion, wait for it to come to a halt before you try to open the door.

Door OPEn – Door is Open

Door OPEn error code is displayed when the door is opened or when the machine perceives the door to be open. Correct this problem by completely closing the door of your washing machine and press the continue button. Try to open and close the door of your washing machine one more time. Readjust the load in the washer to ensure the load is placed properly within the drum. Make sure there is no protruding item that is preventing the door of your washer to close.

Err 1, Err 3 – Motor Control Module Fault

This error occurs because there is a fault with Fisher Paykel washer’s motor control module. Correct this problem by replacing the motor control module of your washing machine.

Err 9 – Size Setting Fault

Err 9 is displayed on the screen of the Fisher Paykel washer if it has a faulty thermistor. To correct this problem, replace the thermistor.

Err 11 – Pressure Sensor Fault

Err 11 is an indication of a faulty pressure tube. Correct this issue by draining water from the washing machine. It would be best if you also pulled a pressure tube out of your washer’s pressure sensor. Please get rid of any water present in your washing machine’s pressure tube and reattach it. In case this solution does not work on your washer, you need to switch the motor control module of your washing machine for a new one.

Err 12 – Flood Protection Fault

This error code appears on the screen of your washer when there is a problem with the motor control module, pump system, and motor valve of your washing machine. Check the water valves to find out if they are always on. Disconnect the water valves mechanically by cutting the power supply of your washer.

Err 40 – Bowl Dis-engage error

This is a mechanical or motor control board error. You can correct it by first ensuring that there are no foreign objects or clothes that are inhibiting the clutch of the washer from re-engaging. Excess supply of suds may also prevent the bowl from rotating. Inspect clutch splines for any physical damage. You also need to ensure the pressure tube is not blocked, kinked, or has not pulled from its original position.

Now that you are in the know, troubleshooting your Fisher Paykel washing machine should be a fan. You should be able to correct each problem properly and get your washer up and running. Contact your local repair in case you encounter a more severe problem.

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