f01 Whirlpool Dryer Error? Try These Fixes

f01 Error Code Whirlpool Dryer

Error code f01 is a problem experienced by most Whirlpool dryer’s indicating a problem with the appliance’s primary control. You might be tempted to call an appliance specialist to fix this problem once you see it on your dryer’s digital display.

This is not necessary. While you might need the services of an appliance specialist when the problem proves difficult for you to solve, you need to try to fix the issue on your own.

What Causes Error Code f01?

Error code f01 comes because of a faulty component within your dryer’s main control. This could be a burnt part or a broken part. It happens when your home experiences unexpected power surges or power shorts. Sudden supply of surplus power to your dryer fries the appliance’s main control board causing complete failure of this component.

How to Fix the fo1 Error Code

When error code f01 appears in your Whirlpool dryer’s digital display screen, you need to troubleshoot the dryer and fix the issue to restore your appliance to its normal state of operation. To do this, you need to follow a few simple DIY steps.

What You Should Know about the Control Panel Access

Given that your dryer’s control board is an electrical component, you need to be cautious when handling it.

Begin by turning off your dryer either by switching it off from the circuit breaker or by unplugging it from the wall. Gather all the right tools needed for the repair work. Some of the tools you will need for this job include screwdrivers and a socket set.

Whirlpool dryers have different designs. However, they all have retainer brackets and long screws attaching the main control housing to the dryer. Sometimes the main control housing is held in place by hooks to stop it from moving as it operates. After you detach the main control housing from your dryer, you should be able to observe a wiring harness connecting to your dryer’s primary control panel.

Sets for Repairing Error Code f01

To remove the error code from your dryer’s digital display, you need to follow these steps:

1. Unplug your appliance from its wall outlet

2. Pull the dryer far from the wall to create more room for you to work. This will also expose the dryer’s control panel area for easier access

3. Find two screws situated at the back of your dryer’s control panel

4. Once you locate the screws, you need to unscrew and remove them from the dryer

5. Remove the dryer’s control panel. This will expose your appliance’s control board

6. Inspect the control board for loose plugs

7. Search for faulty wires, like ones chewed by mice

8. Also, look out for general signs of a faulty control board

Once you have full access to the control board and carry out a full assessment of the board, you need to fix all the loose plugs.

If you find damaged wiring, you need to replace it. If the control board does not have any of these issues, you need to check it for general damage. If you cannot find any, you should consider replacing the entire board.

How to Remove the Control Board

For you to remove your dryer’s control board, you need to begin by removing the plugs attached to your dryer’s control board. However, before you start working on the dryer, you have to ensure it is unplugged from its power source.

After removing the plugs, you will see a single ¼ hex head screw. Unscrew it and remove it from its current position.

After you ensure there are no wires attached to your dryer’s control board and removing the screw, you can pull out the control board. When you are standing directly at the back of your appliance, you need to slide the board to the right. Here is a cheat sheet for removing the control board:

1. Disconnect or unplug your dryer from its source of power

2. Get rid of the two screws behind your dryer’s console assembly

3. Remove the single screw holding your control board in the appliance’s metal board mounting bracket

4. Unplug your dryer’s wiring to the control board

5. Push in the dryer’s locking tab on the backside of your control board and slide it away from the bracket

6. Install your new control board

Dryer’s Motor Drive System Access

The appliance’s motor drive system wiring goes to the main control panel. Therefore, you have to make sure you can access the motor drive system easily. Ideally, this component is situated at the back, the bottom of your appliance.

In some Whirlpool dryer models, you can access the motor via their back panel. This panel is, in most cases, connected using hex screws. Dryer models with bottom access panels need a putty knife to pop open their retainer clips.

Once you open this part, you need to use the diagram in your owner’s manual and follow the wiring to access all the parts related to your motor system. Test each part you believe has faults.

Other common issues with Whirlpool dryers that you should know about include:

Interior Dryer Drum Light Problems

In this case, the dryer will work properly. However, its interior drum light does not turn on even when you replace its bulb. While the interior drum pump may not be crucial to the dryer’s operation, it is surely helpful. When the dryer does not have an interior light, you are likely to live clothes in the appliance’s drum.

It is also important to note that the dryer’s interior light control electrical system and the door latch are connected to the same circuit.

When your dryer’s door switch has been replaced or does not function properly, it is highly likely that the connection of your interior drum lighting might have been done poorly or has become loose. Examine the connection and fix it to restore your dryer to its optimum efficiency.

Dryer Beeping Continuously

In some cases, the Whirlpool dryer makes a continuous beeping sound every few minutes. These beeps can sound like a bird’s song. This is an indication of a faulty control panel.

It would be best if you replaced the control panel to fix the problem because a simple reset procedure will not restore the dryer to its optimum efficiency.

This procedure can be overwhelming if you do not have the right skills and are not free to work with electrical components. Therefore, you should call a qualified appliance specialist to handle this problem.

Dryer Shuts off After Ten Seconds

In some cases, your dryer turns on and produces a loud buzzing sound before turning off ten seconds later. It will then restart but turn off again shortly after that. When you hear the loud buzzing sound, it is because the dryer’s drum is bound and does not turn readily. Fix it by checking the drum and ensuring it is running properly.

This guide will help you to fix the f01 error code the next time it appears on your dryer’s digital display screen. However, if the error persists after trying all the solutions provided herein, you should call a qualified appliance specialist to help you fix the issue and restore the dryer to its optimum efficiency.


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