Do You Need a Turntable in a Microwave?


A microwave is a needed appliance in every kitchen, and it allows you to heat up your food when you aren’t bothered to cook it on the stove. You can defrost frozen food, cook simple things like popcorn, or just heat up food that you’d rather not eat cold. Microwaves can save you a lot of time and they’re easy to use which is why it’s important that you keep them in good condition so that they can continue to work. In some microwaves, there’s a turn plate that turns around once the door is shut. This plate allows you to put food on it and as it turns, the microwave evenly heats up the food rather than heating up certain parts.

If you don’t have a turntable, your turntable is broken, or it’s no longer turning, then some parts of your food will remain cold which will result in you having to leave it there longer. If you want to purchase a microwave oven that doesn’t have turntables, your turntables are broken or it no longer turns, chances are you’re wondering if you can still use this microwave.

Do You Need a Turn Table in a Microwave?

You don’t need a turntable in a microwave for you to still use it – the microwave can still function normally without the turntable. For microwaves that come with a turntable, they’re there to make sure that the food is cooked evenly.

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Those microwaves emit micro-waves, and this heats up the molecules in the food – as the turntable spins, all parts of the food will have their molecules heated up, therefore, the food will be cooked evenly all the way around. Since some commercial or professional microwaves don’t have a turntable and they still function perfectly fine.

Pros of Not Having Turntables

Easier to Clean

Microwaves that come without turntables, which are usually commercial ones, are much easier to clean due to not having one. When you have a microwave with a turntable, then you have to clean the turntable along with microwaves panels and the bottom panel. The most common reason why you’ll have to clean your microwave in the first place is because of a spillage on the turntable.

When there is no turntable, there’s nothing you have to take out to clean, and you’ll already have access to the bottom of the microwave without having to lift anything out. Taking a turntable are made out of glass and are delicate so washing them with your hands increases the chance of it spilling out your hand and breaking. If there’s no turntable, you can wipe down all sides of the microwave with ease.

Fewer Fragile Parts to Worry About

When you’re cleaning your microwave, you don’t have to worry about the turntable, the roller guide, or the coupler that attaches to the motor. Since all these parts aren’t here, you can be a bit rougher with your microwave. The turntable is made out of glass and the roller guide made out of cheap delicate plastic. If you’re dealing with the tray in the sink, it can easily slip out your hand. It’s very easy for the roller guide to end up broken as well because it’s made up of cheap flimsy plastic and this can snap easily. It also has a wheel which over time can wear down and stop the turntables from turning.

Less Prone to Damage Resulting from Spills

For microwaves with turntables, the turntable can make it easy to spill things in there. Sometimes you can try and put a plate in there and it buckles on the edge of the turntable. Commercial microwaves that dont have a plate are less prone to damage that microwaves that do have a turntable. Microwaves that don’t have a turntable as manufactured differently and this makes that less likely to damage from spillages whereas microwaves with turntables can be damaged more easily.

Higher Usable Capacity Per Volume

Microwaves without turntables are usually commercial or professional microwaves, and they can be a bit smaller than microwaves with turntables, but they have a higher usable capacity per volume meaning they’re technically bigger internally. This allows you to put more things inside the microwave and you’ll be able to warm up food at a quicker rate.

Microwaves with turntables are a bit bigger but they have a lower usable capacity per volume. This means that you’re restricted with how much you can put in there. Commercial microwaves are also more robust which means you don’t have to be careful with how you put food in there whereas microwaves with turntables, you have to aim to put everything on the turntable.

Less Risk of Spill

In microwaves that don’t have turntables, it’s less likely that you spill things in there. Like mentioned before, the plate can buckle whilst on the turntable and this can result in spillages. Or, you may accidentlly turn the turntable in the whilst the plate is on it and this can result in a spill. If you fill up a container to the brink and it’s turning on the turntable, it could end up spilling. Microwaves that don’t have turntables have a flat base and spilling something on here is unlikely.

Large Area to Use at the Bottom

In microwaves without turntables, you can pull a lot more on the floor without the plate restricting the size. You can put stuff on the center, corners, and sides and they’ll get just as warm as the things in the center. With turntables, you’re restricted to the plate meaning only one plate can fit in there, and you aren’t able to put things on the side or in the corners of the turntable.

More Flexibility with Shapes

With microwaves without turntables, you can be more flexible with the shape and sizes of the contains and dishes that you put in the microwave. Because they are generally bigger and there isn’t a turntable restricting you, there’s more than you can put in there. With microwaves that have turntables, you’re restricted with sizes and the shapes of the dishes that you put in there. Since everything has to be put on the turntable, there’s only so much that you can put until the turntable isn’t able to turn.

More Even Energy Distribution

With turntables, they do turn around so that each area of the food gets heated, and this allows each part of the food to cook evenly. Even though commercial microwaves don’t have turntables that turn to evenly heat the food, they’re more advanced and they do distribute energy more evenly across the microwave so that all parts of the food gets heated without the need of a turntable. Commercial microwaves have a higher engineering quality and the same can’t be said for domestic microwaves.

Cons of Not Having Turntable

You Don’t Get A Free Plate

Technically, you can still use a microwave without its turntable plate, and this will allow you to use the glass plate for something else. You can use them to eat food with, cover other dishes with, or serve cake with. With microwaves that don’t come with a turntable, there’s no glass plate that you can use for other things.

More Expensive

Commercial microwaves are more expensive than domestic microwaves. Since they’re more advanced and get the job done more efficiently, they’re on the market for a higher price. Domestic microwaves are priced to suit the average consumer that needs a microwave in their home so the quality is scaled down to match this price.

It Depends on What You Need a Microwave For

Deciding on whether to buy a microwave without a turntable or not depends on what you need the microwave for.

Commercial Use

If you need to microwave for a commercial kitchen, then you should get a commercial one without a tray. These microwaves are of a higher quality build and are more robust allowing you to get more done without having to worry about the turntable.

Warming Up Food Quickly in your Kitchen

If you just need to warm up food in your kitchen, let’s say you need to make some popcorn, or you need to warm up some food from last night, you should get a microwave with a turntable. They’re cheaper and they’ll allow you to get the job done. It doesn’t really matter which type you get but if you’re worried about price, you should get a domestic one.

Best Commercial Microwave (Without Turntable)

1. Panasonic NE-1054F Countertop Commercial Microwave 

This commercial microwave without a turntable provides an output power of 1000 watts which means that energy will be distributed more evenly around the microwave allowing the food to be cooked more evenly without the need of a turntable. The interior is quite large and will allow you to put a lot of containers and plates in a once without having to worry about the turntable not spinning.

2. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven

This commercial microwave oven has an easy to clean interior due to its large interior. It also has a pre-programed sensor menu for heating popular foods like pizza, potatoes, and vegetables. The oven projects a power of 1100 watts which will allow the heat to be evenly distributed around the oven without the need of a turntable.

3. Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven

The Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven has a power output of 1200 watts which means a lot of energy gets distributed around the microwave oven allowing all areas of the food to be warmed up evenly. It also has a turbo defrost mode which allows you to defrost food by accelerating the defrost time whilst retaining its flavor. It also has 16 sensors cook settings that re-heats food more evenly to retain the nutrients and textures in leftovers.

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Bottom Line

You can use a microwave that hasn’t got a turntable – in fact, they’re more advanced than regular domestic microwaves with turntables. Even if you use a domestic microwave with a turntable, you can still use it without the turntable. Its very common for them to break so if yours has, you can still continue to use it, making sure that you turn the food often.