Daikin Error Codes (& Fixes)

Daikin AC Error Codes

Daikin AC appliances have a range of these codes which help the user to establish the issue hindering the machine from operating with maximum efficiency.

In a perfect world, a building’s air conditioning system should always operate without glitches throughout its lifetime. However, since this device uses electric power, and sometimes the air that passes through the machine is full of dust, the appliance is bound to breakdown.

When this happens, the user should troubleshoot and fix simple glitches himself/herself, and call technicians if the problem requires expert intervention.

The self-diagnosis feature of the AC saves a lot of time and effort for the user by displaying the screen’s error code. However, the problems are displayed in a programming language as error codes, and one needs to consult a manual to understand each code’s meaning.

This guide shows the meaning of the most common error codes of the Daikin AC and their meanings and troubleshooting tips.

Daikin Air Conditioner Error Codes

Below is a catalog of the most common error codes displayed by the Daikin air conditioner when machine malfunctions, their possible causes, and simple do-it-yourself solutions.

The Indoor Unit

A1 – The PCB of the Internal Unit is Faulty

When a Daikin AC displays this error code, it shows that the indoor unit’s PCB is faulty. This error is caused by various external factors, including noise and electrical defects. The most effective solution to this problem is to replace the PCB or to contact a technician.

A3- A Defective Drain Level Regulator

This error code indicates that the drain level control system is not working properly. There are various causes of this defect, including a clogged drainage system, a dysfunctional pump, a short circuit connector, or a float switch. The simplest way to clear this error is to unblock the drainage or change the Daikin AC unit’s defective components.

A4 – The Freezing Protection is Not Working

This code on this appliance’s screen shows that the freezing function is not operating efficiently. Insufficient water, low water temperature setting, and a faulty thermistor are the leading causes of this defect.

You can easily solve these issues by increasing the temperature setting using the remote, adding more water, or replacing the thermistor, depending on the issue’s nature.

A6 – A Faulty Fan Motor

If you see A6 on your Daikin AC display, you should check the fan motor. The defect is typically caused by a broken PCB, short-circuiting issues, or broken wires. Therefore, you should connect the wires, fix any circuit issues, or replace the indoor PCB.

A8- Issues with the Power Supply

A8 error code in a Daikin AC appliance means that there is an overcurrent in the alternating current input, or the power supply is not working properly. This problem arises when the input voltage is insufficient, or the wiring system is defective. A user can solve this problem by increasing the input voltage and solving any wiring system issues.

AA – The Appliance is Overheating

This error code indicates that the heater is producing excess heat. The issue arises when the 26WH is activated. Usually, one should call a technician to check or replace the heater and the chiller.

AF – A Dysfunctional Humidifier

A Daikin AC will notify you that the humidifier system is malfunctioning by displaying AF on the screen. Oftentimes, the issue results from leakage at the humidifier unit, when the interior PCB breaks down, or when the drainage system is not efficient. Thus, the PCB should be promptly replaced, or you should fix any issues in the humidifier or the drainage system.

AX –The Dust Collector of the Air Purifier is Broken

If you see AX being displayed on the screen of your Daikin air conditioner, then the dust collector needs maintenance. This component will stop working if the insulator in the dust collector is stained, the PCB is defective, or the high voltage supply component is shot. These problems can be rectified by replacing the defective parts and cleaning the dust collector.

C5 – The Heat Exchanger Gas Pipe Thermistor is Defective

If the display shows C5, it is advisable to check the gas pipe thermistor in the heat exchanger. The issue is usually caused by a faulty internal PCB or connector contact. Either way, the components should be replaced to restore the full functionality of the appliance.

C9 and CA – Faulty Suction and Discharge Air Thermistors

C9 indicates that the suction air thermistor is dysfunctional, while CA tells you that the discharge air thermistor is defective. Both defects are caused by the issues outlined in C5 and are rectified through similar processes.

CC –Malfunction of the Humidity Sensor

When the Daikin AC displays CC, it shows that the humidity sensor is not working as it should. This issue arises when the connector contact is broken. If the contact cannot be replaced, then the best way to resolve this issue is by replacing this component.

The Outdoor Unit

E1 – A Dysfunctional Outdoor PCB

When this appliance shows this error code, the Outdoor PCB is faulty. Most times, the issue arises when the connection between the inside and the outside wires is broken. You should, therefore, replace the wires or call a technician to carry out the maintenance of the circuits.

E5 – The Inverter Compressor Motor is Faulty, or the Device is Overheating

If you see the E5 error code, then the inverter compressor motor is not working properly. This issue happens when the inverter compressor locks when there is high differential pressure when the UVW connection is faulty, or when the PCB inverter is not working.

It is recommended that you call the nearest repair technicians since some of these repairs may be too technical to perform at home.

E7 – The Outdoor Fan Motor is Dysfunctional

A Daikin AC usually displays E7 to show that the outdoor fan motor is not working properly. Usually, this problem results from poor connections during installation or when foreign objects get lodged in the fanning system to prevent rotation.

To solve this issue, check the fan to ascertain that there is no foreign body. If there is no object, then you should replace any defective wires that have caused the problem.

EC – Problems with Water Temperature Adjustment

When this appliance displays EC on its screen, then regulating the temperature of the water will be problematic. The main causes of this hitch include a defective outdoor PCB or thermistor. In both instances, the most practical solution is to replace both components.

F3 – Improperly Set Discharge Pipe Temperature

If the discharge pipe temperature cannot be properly regulated, then a Daikin AC will display F3 as the error code. This defect in the appliance is caused by a wrecked thermistor, outdoor PCB, or a faulty connector contact. You can restore the full functionally of this machine by replacing the faulty components.

F6 – Unusually High Pressure or the Refrigerator is Overcharged

When you see F6 on the screen, then the pressure is very high, or the fridge is overcharged. The problem here is that either the PCB is not working properly or any of the heat exchanger thermistor, the outdoor air thermistor, or the liquid pipe temperature thermistor.

X1 – A Faulty Humidifier Damper or Room Temperature Sensor

If your Daikin AC shows X1 on the screen, then either the room temperature sensor or humidifier damper is not working properly. The problem often arises from a defective damper or limit switch. In both instances, the easiest way to fix this issue is to replace the component that is not working properly.

X6- A Defective Position Detection Sensor

X6 error code means that the position detector is not working properly due to a disconnection in the contact of the compressor or if the external unit PCB is damaged. Reconnection of the contacts will resolve this problem, but if it fails, the PCB should be replaced.

XC – A Bad Hot Water Thermistor

XC indicates that the hot water thermistor is not working. This code implies that the thermistor is disconnected or is damaged. You can resolve this issue by reconnecting it or replacing it with a new one.

J1 – A Dysfunctional Pressure Sensor

When the pressure sensor of this appliance fails, then the display will show J1. This problem arises when the sensor breaks down or disconnect. A broken PCB will also disable the pressure sensor. This problem can be rectified by reconnecting the sensor, replacing it, or replacing the PCB.

L0 – The Inverter System is Dysfunctional

A Daikin AC will display L0 when the inverter system does not work properly. This happens when the power supply is too low, or when one of the outdoor PCB and the power transistor is not functioning properly.

L8- The Overcurrent Inverter Compressor is Defective

When a Daikin AC displays this message, it means that the overcurrent inverter compressor is dysfunctional. This issue arises when the compressor is overloaded, when the compressor coil is disconnected, faulty wiring, or when the PCB breaks down.

M1 – A Broken Central Remote Controller

When you see M1 on display, then it implies that the central remote controller is malfunctioning. Water, falling to the ground, and short circuits can all be causes of this defect. It is advisable to contact a technician to repair or replace the device.

Troubleshooting the Daikin AC

When the AC reduces its efficiency during operation, then one should know how to check for the problem and try to resolve it before contacting a technician.

1. The Machine Does Not Operate

When the machine does not work, check whether;

• The fuse is blown, or the circuit breaker is disconnected.

• The power plug is disconnected, or there is a power failure.

• The remote controller needs new batteries.

• The timer is correctly set.

2. The AC Stops Running Unexpectedly

When this device stops suddenly, check whether;

• The air filters are clean, and if not, clean them.

• Any objects are blocking the air inlet, and if there are any, remove them to restore functionality.

3. The Appliance Produces a Soft Rumbling Sound

When this sound is heard, check whether it is in ventilation mode, in which case the sound is normal.

4. The Filter Gets Stuck

If the filter gets stuck during operation, check whether;

• The air filter is deformed.

• The air filter, purifier filter, and dust box were set up correctly.

5. The AC Malfunctions during Air Purification

When the machine malfunctions when using the Streamer air purification operation, check whether;

• The front panel is closed.

• The streamer unit is installed properly.

• The tip of the Streamer needle is clean.


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