Can You Drink Tap Water in Florida?


Drinking tap water in Florida has been a subject for discussion for quite some time mainly because tap water in Florida comes from aquifers. Aquifers are big underground rocks composed of porous limestone, which contains a huge amount of freshwater. Water in an aquifer can be contaminated easily.

Chemicals and other forms of contaminants can sip through the thin layer of limestone into the aquifer’s water. Some of the leading aquifer contaminants are pesticides, dry-cleaning solvents, and gasoline from leaking underground storage tanks. Contrary to popular belief, not every groundwater system cleans water once it is obtained from its source. Therefore, contaminated groundwater can be obtained and channeled to your tap as untreated water.

The local government warns its citizens early in advance through boil water notices when there is possible water contamination in drinking water for a particular region. In the notice, citizens are urged to boil water before consuming. The boil water notice is hanged on the doors, announced on the TV and radio, and in automated calls. Therefore, frequent testing and boiling water protect you against dangers from contaminated water.

Government Laws

Local government in Florida abides by strict guidelines from state and federal governments on continuous testing water for contaminants. The department of environmental protection in Florida demands that all chemicals put in drinking water and every system component that comes into contact with safe drinking water should be certified based on ANSI/NSF Standards 60 and 61.

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These minimum requirements ensure the water does not have harmful chemicals put into the drinking water. Therefore, when every law is followed to the latter, tap water in Florida should be safe for drinking. However, there is still a chance that tap water in Florida might still be contaminated despite the government’s best efforts to keep it safe for consumers.

Why Does my Water Have a Weird Taste?

Despite having tap water free from contamination, many people living in Florida are complaining about having water that tastes funny. Even though it may be difficult to discern the specific contaminant in water because of different opinions, the funny taste in water is attributed to different common water contaminants. The local governments do not control these contaminants because they are not really toxic or harmful to the body. These contaminants only affect the taste of water.

Most people complain about having water taste in the following three categories:

Metallic – metallic taste in water is attributed to high volumes of zinc, manganese, iron, and copper. You should consider getting new plumbing if the water in your home has a metallic taste.

Bleach – your water tastes like bleach because of chloramine present in Florida’s water.

Salty water – high levels of minerals in water causes water to taste bitter or salty. Some of these nutrients include sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Protecting Yourself From Contaminated Water

How do you protect yourself from contaminated tap water? Most people in Florida ask this question for many reasons. There are several solutions to this including installing water filtration system.

Being able to drink tap water might be cost-effective for you and your family. However, it would help if you began by protecting yourself from contaminated or funny tasting water. Taste water coming from your tap for possible contaminants. It will be easier for you to treat your tap water once you know what contaminates it.

Install a water filtration system that will eliminate minerals and contaminants from water, leaving you with cleaner tap water. The Waterdrop 10UA Under Sink Water Filter System (View on Amazon) will clean your tap water and protect your family by taking away the funny taste of water and getting rid of the negative qualities of Florida’s water.

Arsenic in Florida Water

Arsenic is one of the contaminants found in Florida water. It has adverse effects on the body when consumed for long period.

American Heart Association published a journal showing an increase in heart damage in young adults who had no history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. These young adults developed heart damage after being exposed to low-to-medium levels of arsenic readily found in groundwater. Arsenic is a metal that occurs naturally in soil and rock, air, water, animals, and plants. Every living matter has some traces of arsenic. However, it is a contaminant in groundwater because it flows through minerals and rocks containing arsenic.

Rising levels of arsenic metal in Florida water has led to heart damage in young adults. Being exposed to this poising for a long time has been associated with causing different types of cancer, hypertension, kidney damage, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Doctors warn the general public on the dangers of arsenic present in unregulated water wells. It is, therefore, important to install a water filtration system to protect yourself against contamination.

Dangers of Arsenic

Private Wells, especially those that tap into groundwater in locations that are contaminated by arsenic account for a huge volume of arsenic metal found in water. The Environmental protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, has set 0.010 parts per million as the standard arsenic level for drinking water. This measure is aimed at protecting unsuspecting consumers from the long-term effects of continuous exposure to arsenic. Drinking tap water that meets the minimum requirements put in place by EPA is considered safe and should not lead to any of the arsenic linked diseases.

Health effects arising from drinking water contaminated with arsenic takes time to manifest. Consuming low levels of arsenic-contaminated water over extended periods leads to hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin. Exposure to higher concentrations of arsenic, on the other hand, is responsible for increased risk of cancer development in humans. Some of the human cancers arising from prolonged exposure to high levels of arsenic include skin, lung, liver, bladder, prostate, and kidney cancer.

Is Drinking Filtered Florida Tap Water Safe?

Drinking filtered Florida tap water is safe. Users are encouraged to install water filters to eliminate harmful minerals whose continuous consumption may lead to terminal diseases. Get a 5-point filtration system that will eliminate natural elements and toxins present in water, as well as restore minerals and electrolytes.

Is Tap Water Really Safe in Florida?

There are numerous benefits of hydrating your body. However, you do not want to compromise your health while hydrating. Always check the quality of water before drinking. In areas where levels of arsenic metal are higher than the required standard, ensure that you are getting your drinking water from a safe, trusted, and reliable source. Even though drinking water with higher levels than recommended, for a short period, does not cause terminal illnesses, you do not want to risk it. Nonetheless, given that health risks increase with increasing intake of contaminated water, it is safe to avoid drinking water whose levels of arsenic metal exceeds the recommended levels.

Florida is the second state in the list of states whose people have been affected by violations stated in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Plumbing as a Solution to Water Contamination

When your home’s plumbing is old and has not undergone maintenance for years, water coming out of your taps may be of poor quality. It is, therefore, important to seek the services of a plumber to assess your plumbing to ensure everything works perfectly periodically. Find a plumber from your locality who understands water issues in your area and can advise on the best course of action.

Can you drink Florida tap water? Yes, you can as long as it comes from a trusted source. The source of water should have met the minimum requirements set by the EPA. You can also drink the water if it has gone through a 5-point water filtration system. Avoid drinking contaminated tap water as it may lead to terminal illnesses and other health complications that will negatively impact your life.


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