Can Calphalon Pans Go in the Oven?


Calphalon makes a plethora of high quality kitchenware from appliances to cutlery and cookware in between. Aside from quality, Calphalon pans in particular have the uncanny ability to go from stove top to oven with relative ease. If you ever wondered if you could put your Calphalon pan in the oven, you just got the answer to your question.

But wait just a moment! Before you shove the pan into the oven, an asterisk belongs to that answer. Yes, Calphalon brand pans can indeed go in the oven, but Calphalon has several types of cookware that withstand higher temperatures than other versions. One pan might withstand 400 degrees fahrenheit, while another type only withstands 350 degrees.

And to complicate things further, lids that come with the pans usually can’t withstand as much as the pan can, often times as much as 50 to 100 degrees less. Then there’s silicone handles you have to worry about. While already highly resistant to heat, even silicone handles have a limit. In other words, you need to know the type of Calphalon pans you have before you shove it into the oven, just so you know what the maximum temperature is it can handle.

Maximum Pan Heat Based on Material

Calphalon doesn’t stick to one type of material, providing products made of ceramic, nonstick, and steel. Regardless of type, almost all Calphalon pans can be used in the oven, but each type has a minimum and maximum range, with and without a cover.

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Ceramic Calphalon Pans

To complicate it further, not every pan in the family can reach the maximum temperatures. For example, a ceramic non-stick 8-inch fry pan from Calphalon’s collection “Select,” can only withstand 400 degrees fahrenheit, while a ceramic non-stick 12-inch fry pan from Calpahlon’s “Classic” collection can handle up to 450 degrees fahrenheit.

With that said, ceramic Calphalon pans can handle temperatures between 400 and 450 degrees fahrenheit or 200 to 230 degrees celsius. That also means broil is completely out of the question. To get a hard number on what your ceramic pan can handle, there’s a list of products you can view to find yours. When visiting the product page, click “Show Full Description.” It will reveal a maximum temperature for oven use.

Non-stick Calphalon Pans

Most of Calphalon’s line of non-stick pans can go in the oven, but it’s the one category where a few cannot. For example, Calphalon’s “Signature” collection introduces a non-stick 12-inch everyday day with a cover that can only be used for finishing recipes or keeping food warm, with and without the lid. While it doesn’t list a specific maximum temperature, it’s best to be safe and assume it can’t handle very high temperatures.

On the other end of the spectrum, non-stick pans that are oven ready range between 400 to 500 degrees fahrenheit. Certainly a small step up from ceramic pans, but you still shouldn’t subject them to broil. Locate your pan from Calphalon’s list of products for a hard limit.

Steel Calphalon Pans

And finally, Calphalon’s steel pans. The stainless steel family of pans are the kind of pans you want to use if you need to set the oven to broil. While non-stick and ceramic wouldn’t be able to handle broil, Calphalon’s steel pans can. That also means there isn’t a limit on your oven a steel pan can’t handle.

However, many of the stainless steel pans come with tempered glass lids. Those, on the other hand, aren’t capable of withstanding the temperatures reached during broil. If you need a cover, then stick to a stainless steel cover that can do the job; otherwise, tempered glass lids can only handle around 400 degrees fahrenheit, sometimes 425.

Handle With Care

Regardless of what temperature your Calphalon pan can withstand, it goes without saying that the pan is going to be incredibly hot. If you plan on removing it from the oven, always do so with heat-safe pads or oven mitts (View on Amazon). Use common sense when handling.

When you are finished using your Calphalon pan, and it was previously hot, you do not wash it until after it has cooled off. For starters, it’s still hot. Secondly, sticking the pan under water can actually warp the shape of the pan. After all, heating metal allows it to be easily shaped.

Speaking of care, if your oven is displaying errors, it’s best to set aside cooking and explore what the errors mean.

Bottom Line

As you may have noticed, regardless of type, almost all Calphalon pans can be placed in the oven, even directly from the stove top. While the temperature does differ a bit based on type and whether or not you are using a tempered glass lid, generally speaking, it sits between 400 to 500 degrees fahrenheit or 200 to 260 degrees celsius. However, if you use a tempered glass lid, that maximum drops about 50 degrees fahrenheit or 20 degrees celsius. It isn’t until you use stainless steel pans where the temperatures can reach as high as an oven can put out.